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8 ways to celebrate Samhain

Witches... even this year Samhain is almost arrived, are you preparing yourself in the right way to celebrate this magical sabbath? Here some easy tips for you to celebrate this amazing festival... let us know in the comments below which are your tips or how do you like celebrate Samhain...

🎃 Obviously, carve one or many pumpkins as you like ( if you do this with the persons you love, the better )

🎃 Honour your loved once, write their names on a black or orange candle and put it inside a carved pumpkin

🎃 Create a circle of pumpkins and dance inside of it

🎃 Write down habits, feeling etc that you want to let go and burn it on the candle inside of the pumpkin

🎃 Go outside, make a circle with orange leaves and make a divination for the new year

🎃 Make a pumpkin cake to share with family and friends

🎃 Make a protective necklace using pumpkin seeds, apple and sage

🎃 Make a mask for yourself that most represent you to wear during Samhain celebrations

The thing that I like the most to do during this period is ( obviously ) carve the pumpkin and cook... take a look at our recipes section to find some inspirations for Samhain :D

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