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Tree of life

About MagiCraftShop

Tree of life

We are two artisans, Fabrizio and Veronica, and in 2008 we started this work, a little bit for passion and a little bit for need.

We started selling glass runes painted by hand and diaries decorated with branches and natural materials, found into the woods... but during the years, the passion became art and we created new items inspired by nature and the pagan world, with our personal models and techniques... all these make our items unique and unobtainable if not from us.


Veronica and Fabrizio of MagiCraftShop

Our business started with Ebay in December 31th in 2008, afterwards Facebook became our first place where we were able to show our arts and in 2012, we started to sell on Etsy as well as to export our products around the world.
USA, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Norway and more.
In 2016, we moved in this magical place that is Scotland and here we started a new step for our business, starting to sell on Amazon and opening this personal website.

We would like to tell you that even if it looks like a business, actually there is more: all our items are made with love and cure, every item that you see on our website is made with passion, cure for particulars, attention for your requests and for your happiness.
An important point is that our items are made with natural materials and colors, our business doesn't damage the Nature, EVER. Also our items are totally CRUELTY FREE, we don't use leather or materials coming from animals.
The wood is always retrieved in the nature and if not possible to do it, we always get the wood which comes from forests responsibly managed.

Our items are customizable, totally handmade and if you don't find the perfect item, tell us, we can make it for you with all your requests.
We pride ourselves on our friendly service, we try our best to meet all our customers needs and requirements. Both within our group and on our online store.

I found peace in a Forest. I felt love by a Dream. I dream in a meadow. I prayed by the Ocean.
I am a child of the Earth and Pagan forever!

Veronica and Fabrizio


Where Art Becomes Magic!


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