DELUXE Book of Shadows – Charmed replica with the ORIGINAL parchment appearance, pages included


This is an handmade item, made to order.
The book has about 600 parchment pages ( HD PRINTED paper weight: 160gr ), 315 and more printed and other blank pages, like an original book. 
In this book you can find all demons, spells, ritual, wizards etc appeared in the tv show.
( The pages are PRINTED, not DRAWN BY HAND )


The cover is not made with leather but with natural materials and colors.
Totally waterproof and painted with natural transparent paint.
The cover is made with an ancient treatment like the original book.
You can choose the color of the cover and the color of the symbol. 
Please, choose the correct options in the menu during the purchase.


ATTENTION: is it possible to choose the language of the book. 
Please select the correct languange during the purchase.


Big size about 12,20x8,66 inch (31x22 cm) with 6-7 cm of thickness.