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Hi witches.

I've been away in the last week but, I'm now back... and the first thing I would like to do is talking to you about Ostara, the also called Spring equinox.

Ostara is celebrated on 21st of March on the occasion of the spring equinox, it is the Sabbath of rebirth, renewal and regeneration.

It is no coincidence that this holiday shares many symbols and practices with Easter, in fact the English term for Easter derives from the Germanic term for Ostara: "Eostre" which means "star of the east", she was the Germanic and Saxon goddess of fertility, in fact the goddess Eostre is the goddess who is celebrated during this celebration.

Spring marks the renewal of nature, by association the Ostara festival is associated with our spiritual, physical and emotional renewal.

In the Mediterranean population, spring is associated with a moment of fertility, in the Nordic population, on the other hand, the fertility festival takes place in Beltane due to the obvious climatic differences.

The universal symbol of this moment of rebirth and renewal has always been the egg.

In fact, eggs represent both the potential for new life and tangible proof of the equinox.

The hare or rabbit is also an important symbol of Ostara, an animal sacred to the Goddess Easter but it was also associated with the goddess Aphrodite and the goddess of the Hunt and the Moon of the Nordic peoples.

Ritual activities: cleaning (the typical Easter cleaning), spiritual, physical and emotional renewal, rebirth, regeneration.<