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Lughnasadh is also called Lunasa, Lughnasa, Lugnnassadh, Lammas or Harvest Festival.

Lughnasadh is one of the eight Sabbaths of the Celtic wheel of the year, falls on August 1st and is one of the 3 festivals in which the harvest is celebrated.

It is usually called Lughnasadh to recall the name of the god Lugh who is celebrated on this occasion, but it is also called by the name Lammas.

On this day we celebrate the god Lugh, giver of abundance and wisdom, marks the peak of the harvest. Metaphorically speaking, in fact, let's just say that on this day the god Lugh dies to feed men, and he will be reborn with the new harvest.

It was typical on this Sabbath for young people to take a trial period between couples. In fact, the two young people inserted their hands into a pierced stone and there they promised to love each other for a year and a day.