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Samhain activities

Morning witches.

Here a new post on Samhain. This time I'll give you more info on this Sabbath, what are its correspondences, activities, how to set up an altar and more. Let me know what you think and if you have something to add :D

Ritual activities: divination, drying herbs for the winter, meditation, calls of fragments or characters from past lives, contacts with spirits, séances.

Colours: orange, black.

Stones: carnelian, obsidian, black amber.

Drinks: lager beer, cider and tea prepared with herbs of this holiday.

Incenses: olibanum, apple wood, heliotrope, mint, sage, nutmeg, myrrh, patchouli, laurel.

Oils: camphor, basil oil, cloves, yarrow, lilac.

Herbs: oak, acorns, apple trees, heather, Deadly nightshade (POISONOUS), mullein, pumpkin, sage, wormwood.

Foods: apple, pomegranate, cookies of the dead, pumpkin, corn on the cob, Indian corn, Samhain jam

Gods: Hades, Persephone


- Drink warmed and spiced apple cider with cinnamon to honour the dead

- Honour the dead

- Light a candle in their honour and offer them food as a gift (you can bury apples or pomegranates), or leave milk and fruit near the doors of the house or near the windows

- Carve the pumpkins and place them on your windows with a lighted candle inside

- Write your bad habits on a piece of paper and burn them on the flame of a candle, possibly the candle placed inside the pumpkin or on the flame of the "spirits" candle

- Do divination for the following year

- Have fun with the trick or treat

- Dress up in something monstrous and go around town

- Decorate your home with carved pumpkins, bats, cobwebs and more

- Prepare baskets with small carved pumpkins, tea lights, some herbs and some essential oils to give to those you care about most


- Altar candles should be orange or black

- The incense can be myrrh, patchouli, or a mixture of sage and laurel.

- The circle can be decorated with autumn flowers, pumpkins, corn on the cob, Indian corn, hollow pumpkins.

- The candles in the circle remain of the usual colours for the Elementals (red, green, yellow, blue)

- Write on a piece of paper the weaknesses and bad habits you want to get rid of.

- Put a black votive candle in the cauldron.

- Place a white votive candle on the altar.

- Place on the altar heather, an apple or a pomegranate.

Hope you'll find this post useful, let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about something :D


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