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May esbat: moon of the couple

Moon of May also known as the couple's moon, flower moon, prosperity moon, bivalent moon, milk moon.

Spirits of Nature: fairies, elves

Plants: elderberry, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow.

Colours: green, brown, pink, red, orange

Flowers: lily of the valley, foxglove, rose, broom

Perfumes: rose, sandalwood

Stones: emerald, malachite, amber, carnelian

Trees: hawthorn

Animals: cats, lynx, leopard

Divinity: Bast, Aphrodite, Maia, Diana, Pan.

The month of May opens with the Celtic festival of Beltane, the feast of love, prosperity and abundance that marks the return of the hot season and fertility. May's full moon is one of the most powerful moons for a witch, because you can ask for the possible and the impossible and the prayers will be heard.

She is celebrated wearing brightly coloured clothes, burning gold or silver candles, using jasmine or sandalwood incense and eating sweets accompanied by carbonated drinks.

Fertilize your plants with homemade fertilizers previously prepared by you, blessed and loaded so that they have more energy for your crops.

This moon is meant for the spells of prosperity, love, and money.


Dance around the maypole, as a couple or with your friends, or adorn a tree dear to you with garlands;

Attach red ribbons (passion color) to hawthorn bushes to propitiate love, luck and healing;

Create a small bonfire and pass over it, so that you can be purified.


After the celebrations, leave food as a gift for our animal friends;

Make love with your soul mate;

Decorate or create hawthorn wreaths, pass them on the fire and give them to your soul mate, or single friends so they can find love;

If you are trying to get pregnant, fill a bowl with hawthorn flowers and oak bark, pass it all over the fire making a beautiful initiation prayer to fertility and sprinkle the bed, make love on it;

Load athame, wand, cup and cauldron in this feast;

Resume forgotten or excluded projects;

Think positive;

Walk with your soul mate;

Collect flowers;

Walk in the middle of nature and look at the stars;

How to decorate the altar

The altar will need a cover, so get a cloth, sheet, or whatever might be suitable for the purpose, and place it as a cover for your altar. The colours can be white, in association with the colours of the moon, or a color belonging to this period, such as red or orange, for example.

Candles can keep the simple white color, which in the end is a good compromise in the absence of other colours, or you can choose colours belonging to the period, or to the type of ritual you want to face (red = love, green = money and so on) .

In case you are inside or it is impossible to visualise the moon, print a photo of it and place it on the altar, in the middle, this will help you with the visualization and in channeling its energies.

As herbs you can use the following, both as decorations, or as herbs to be used in the ritual: elderberry, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow, hawthorn.

Remember to always give Mother Nature something as an offer.

This year, the May's full moon will be accompanied with a Lunar Eclipse. It will start at 1.32 UTC and it will end at 6.50 UTC, visible from Americas, Europe and Africa.

This is it witches, leave a comment below if you have any questions on this esbat or if you wish to share how you like to celebrate an esbat, I would love to hear from you.

Happy esbat

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