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July esbat: Moon of the herbs

Hi witches. A new esbat is approaching and as always, I would like to share with you some information about it, so you can be prepared to enjoy this new beautiful full moon.

The July full moon is called Moon of the herbs, it is also called with the names of Full Buck Moon, Straw Moon, Asking Moon, Blood Moon, Blessed Moon, Bucket Moon, Thunder Moon.

Since this is the moon associated with the herbs, this is the perfect time to harvest and to dry them for future uses. Remember to leave some kind of offer to Mother Nature once you harvest your herbs, you can prepare some kind of cake with the herbs you have, or some cookie made with lavender, they are very delicious.

This is a moment of great fullness, it corresponds to the pregnancy of the Earth, which ripens the harvest promising us abundance and concreteness. The energy of this moon is perfect for enhancing attraction spells and divination, and it is still a good time to start studying an oracle.

This is also a perfect period to work with gratitude, no more dark thoughts, winter is over and we came out unscathed, now we need to let ourselves go to joy and enthusiasm.

Spirits of nature: goblins, fairies

Herbs: Pennyroyal, Marjoram, anise, lemon balm, savory, lemon grass, thai basil, caraway, achiote or annatto

Colors: silver, blue-gray, green

Flowers: Agapanthus, Lavender, Althea rosea, Indigofera heterantha, Ruellia brittoniana, Yarrow, Lobelia, Geranium

Perfumes: lily, incense, lavender

Crystals: pearl, moonstone, white agate

Trees: oak, acacia

Animals: crab, turtle, dolphin, whale

Divinity: Khepera, Athena, Juno, Cerridwen, Venus

Energy: released and relaxation, preparation, success. Magical work with dreams, divination and meditation on your goals, especially the spiritual ones.

How to decorate the altar:

- Take a white or silver tablecloth, if you have one with the symbol of the Goddess, even better;

- Don't forget to make some moon water (purified water at the full moon with something silver inside);

- At the end of each celebration, toast the Moon and the Mother Goddess (inside your cup insert some lunar water, raise it to the moon, make a prayer, thank and drink);

- Always meditate according to the purpose of the current moon;

- Photograph the moon, print the photo, write on it the purpose or desire inherent in the moon that you want to come true and burn it inside the cauldron. Turn off the flame, throw a few small drops of lunar water on the remains and bury everything the next day or you can always keep it;

- Open the circle only if you consider it appropriate and necessary, it is not MANDATORY;

Keep following us, we will post the recipe of lavender cookie very very soon :D

Blessed be


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