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August Esbat: the grain moon

August esbat is commonly known as the "grain moon", wheat or harvest moon, wheat moon, dispute moon, vegetation month, harvest moon, black cherry moon. This moon is also related to the harvest, but its message is different from the previous lunation. In fact, it announces the ripening of cereals. This is important for a witch, because in her core, the cereal holds the mysteries and cycles of life, death and rebirth. Each seed is the product of the first-born cereal.

It remembers the wheat harvest, and invites all practitioners to take an example from this fruit, which in addition to providing nourishment, regenerates itself from its seeds. It invites us to reflect on what we have done so far, from what positive aspects of our life we ​​can sow again in order to improve ourselves further and it reminds us that it is time for both material and spiritual harvest.

This Moon falls under the dominion of the Sabbath of Lughnasadh and with it, abundance is celebrated.

The ancients also called this Esbat "barley moon".

How to celebrate

-Wear golden yellow clothes, tan and dark brown to honour the grain harvest.

-Use yellow candles and burn patchouli and chamomile incense.

-Decorate the altar with photographs of ancestors, bands of ears or seasonal cereals. Also include roses and gorse.

-The crystals suitable for this full moon are carnelian, jasper and red agate.

-As for animals and enchanted creatures, the lion, dragons and phoenixes are symbols of this esbat.

-For the banquet, serve oat biscuits or sweet bread, and malt-based drinks.


-Honour the friendship and vitality of everything. Sprinkle the circle with a bundle of ears of corn.

-Write a thank you note to one of your ancestors and burn it with incense, letting the smoke carry your message.

-Take some time to meditate on the chain of life and the connection of the universe. This is important if there are people in your life you don't like.

-Then make an effort to reconnect with a broken relationship.

Correspondences of August Esbat

Spirits of nature: dryads

Herbs: chamomile, St. John's root, laurel, angelica, fennel, orange

Colours: yellow, gold

Flowers: lilac, pink, broom

Perfumes: incense

Trees: hazel, cedar, alder

Deities: Ganesha, Thoth, Hathor, Diana, Hecate, Nemesis

Energy: harvest energy; collect, appreciate. Vitality, greeting. Friendship.

Hope you'll find these informations useful, remember that the next full moon is on August 11th. Let us know in the comments below if you wish to have anything or what are your plans for the next full moon.

Blessed be

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