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Hello beautiful witches. Yule is coming, only 17 days left. I thought it could be useful to have some informations about this Sabbath, which are its correspondences and how to celebrate it. Well... if you want to know more, keep reading.

Gods: god of the sun, all rising and sun gods

Symbols: Yule tree, garlands, pine cones, snow, fir, Yule log, sun, stars

Colors: red, gold, green, white

Herbs: pine, ivy, holly, mistletoe, yew, birch

Incense and essences: pine

Food and drinks: spiced sweets, mead, pears, apples, nuts, fish

Stones: rubies, carnelian, garnet, red jasper and all red colored stones

Hoe to decorate your altar:

Cover the altar with a red cloth, decorate it with some of Yule symbols such red or white flowers, ivy etc, burn pine incense, light a red and white candle, or red or white, as you prefer ( remember to grease the candle with pine oil ), put the water in a red bowl and if your require soil for your celebration, put it in a red bowl as well.

Do not forget to put on your altar a bowl or a plate with some food to offer to the Gods. Use some of the food mentioned above such pears, apples or nuts.


- first thing, the Yule tree, take some time off and decorate your Yule tree with family and friends, use Yule symbols to decorate it and if you can, use handmade decorations, maybe made directly by you

- go into the woods and collect some branches to bring home ( do not cut them from the tree, collect them from the ground ), tie some red ribbons on those branches and give them to family and friends as fortune gift

- if you have children, buy some polymer clay and make some suns, stars and other Yule symbols and use them to decorate the tree

- make some small Yule gifts, pack them up and hung them on the tree. The Yule night let your friends pick one of them as Yule gift

- decorate your home with Yule symbols

- make a great dinner with drinks and foods associated with this Sabbath

- make a fairy woods. It's like the Christmas crib but with fairies, trolls, animals and goblins

- don't forget to bring some mistletoe into your home

- 9 days before Yule, collect a big branch from the wood, decorate it with red and white ribbons, ivy and other Yule symbols, hung some small pieces of paper with your wishes on them on the branch and the Yule night, burn it on the fireplace

- wake up earlier than usual the morning after Yule to see rise the sun

- kiss your soulmate under the mistletoe and give a piece of it to family and friends as fortune gift

Ritual activities: work on life balance, peace, beauty and harmony, rethink past things and how to improve them, think about new projects and how to start them, and leave remorse behind. Perform rituals to propitiate new beginnings, project beginnings, etc.

I hope these informations will help you with your Yule celebration, leave me a comment below to let me know which are your Yule activities or how you like to celebrate this beautiful moment of the year :D

Blessed be

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