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September esbat: the harvest moon

The September moon is also known by the following names: Wine moon, Harvest moon, Songs Moon, Paving deer moon, Rice/mulberry Moon, Freshness moon.

The September moon corresponds to the harvest and balance time and unlike the Earth Goddess who delighted us with her fruits in the summer and is now preparing for her well-deserved rest, with the end of the summer we find ourselves resuming our usual work rhythms.

The days get shorter and shorter, while the night gets longer, nature prepares for the changing season, and that is why it shows itself to us with its sweeter side. The animals, on the other hand, prepare themselves by making provisions.

Nature is in tune with the zodiac sign of Virgo, which teaches us the importance of conserving and using resources while avoiding waste. It is therefore an excellent time to reflect on this.

Spirits of nature: fairies

Plants: fennel, bursera, valerian, wheat, rye

Colors: brown, orange, green, yellow and all the colors of autumn

Flowers: narcissus, lily

Stones: citrine, olivine

Trees: hazel, laurel, larch