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Samhain: spirits candle

Hi witches.

In one of my previous post, I mentioned a "spirits candle" as one of the activities to do during Samhain's celebration. I suggested you to write your bad habits on a piece of paper and burn them on the flame of a candle... you can do this using the candle inside of one of your pumpkins or, you can make the "spirits candle" and burn the paper on the flame of this candle.

To make this candle you just need a couple of things:

- a white candle

- patchouli oil

Why the white candle? The white color promotes serenity and peace and enhances personal strength and insight, exactly what you need to get rid of bad habits. In additional to this, white is cleansing and purifying, so it's great for clearing away old energies and bringing in fresh, new, happy ones.

Why the patchouli oil? Patchouli is amazing for courage and love. Since you are trying to get rid of bad habits, you need a lot of courage to do so, it's not easy to get rid of something that is part of ourselves... and love for yourself, because only if you love yourself you'll be able to get rid of bad habits. Patchouli is also helpful with communication and since this candle is called "spirits candle", this oil will help you to get in contact with them.

To make this candle you'll just need to grease the candle with the patchouli oil, keep the candle with your right hand and grease it with the left hand. Then light the candle and start to write your bad habits down. When you are ready, burn the paper on the flame.

The same night ( Oct. 31st ) if possible or the day after ( Nov. 1st ) bury the ashes near a tree leaving a gift to the spirits ( it could be a pumpkin full of food and milk ).

That's it witches... hope this little "spell" will help you, let me know what you think and what habits you tried to get rid of.


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