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How to cleanse a magical tool

As you know, once we get ahold of a new tool for our practice, we need to cleanse it before to use it. Every tool has the power to channel energy, and if that tool is not ours, that tool will be full of energy that isn't ours ( negative or positive ) so, before to use that item, we have to purify it from every energy it has channeled.

There is no a right way to cleanse your items or a bad one, there is a method right for you, you have to feel it, so choose one or make one, always follow your feelings.

Here some examples for you:

🌿Use the elements: you can create a circle with the natural elements putting your tool in the middle for a whole night ( waning moon )

🌿Salt: sprinkle some salt on your tool and leave it for a night

🌿Smoke cleansing: make a smudge with cleansing herbs ( juniper, lavender and thyme for example ) and lead the smoke over the item you wish to cleanse. You can do the same thing using sandalwood incense.

🌿Sun and moonlight: let your item cleanse in the sunlight or moonlight

🌿Fire: light a white candle and pass over the flame the tool you wish to cleanse, three times

Alternatively, you can make some moon water ( a post will follow on this ) and use this water to cleanse your tools.

I always used the fire or the smoke cleansing, there are the two methods I prefer. And what's yours? Let me know in the comment, I would be more than happy to read them :D

Blessed be witches

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