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Brugner Brokk is a music project founded by Fabrizio Brugnera, its aim is to be used as a background for meditations, yoga sessions, relaxation techniques, etc... 
The album is a recreation of an imaginary world tied in with Celtic history, each track is inspired by the Gaelic solstices and equinox celebrations, the sound is characterised by minimalist tendencies and ethereal dark atmospheres developed with elements of new age, celtic, classical and ambient music.

If you want meditate, do yoga or relax after a busy day, this is the best way to do it. Buy now and try it, you'll not regret.

Inside the listing you'll find a video as preview, you can listed a sample on each track before to proceed with the purchase.


The album is composed by 8 tracks:


1. Samhain  10:55

2. Yule 10:57

3.Imbolc 11:15

4. Ostara 10:04

5. Beltane 10:28

6. Litha 10:10

7. Lughnasadh 11:28

8. Mabon 10:18


After the purchase you'll receive the link to download the album, you need a fast internet connection in order to do it.


EAN/UPC 193428026315

Wheel of the Year Meditation CD EAN/UPC 193428026315

  • Music under copyright. ©℗ Fabrizio Brugnera

    The CD can be use ONLY for personal use. 

    For commercial use you need a license, please ask for more information.

    It can't be reproduced or used for commercial purpose.

    EAN/UPC 193428026315

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