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The pentacle always has been a magical source of power, it helps you to protect yourself, purify your magical items and so much more. This altar pentacle is the exact item your altar needs. You can use it to consacrate, purify or protect your items, you can use it as wall plaque to protect your home or to make powerful and magical spells.
The base has been made with wood ( fir ), is totally handmade and the drawing has been burned all by hand.
Size: 17,5 cm of diameter about
The base can be customized, if you wish a custom drawing, contact us before the purchase.
For making the base we need about 1-2 weeks after the purchase ( the one in picture is ready to be shipped )
For any further information please contact us


PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY TIMES: United Kingdom: 1-2 weeks + 2-3 days (delivery)
Italy: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Usa and Canada: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 (delivery) 
EU Europe: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Non-EU Europe: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery)
Rest of World: 1-2weeks + 5-7 (delivery)

WARNING: During the holidays (Christmas, Easter and other holidays) the timing and delivery may be longer. If you need to receive the item within such a date, please contact us before making the purchase, it's not always possible to ensure a speedy delivery. Please do not solicit shipping if you still falls within the shipping time.

Pentacle with moon phases wicca altar base

  • As specified in the Rules of Distance sale, we can not offer refunds or returns for the following items:

    - All custom objects or made to order.

    You can not cancel the order after making the payment, if the realization of the object has already begun.

    Once we start the job or started providing a service, the customer is contractually obliged to honor their part of the contract.

    You can cancel the order within 24 hours after the purchase. 

    After this time is not possible to cancel the order.

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