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Butterfly project: find your spiritual guide


This track is usefull to be use for interior renewal meditation or to find your spiritual guide or take contact with the spiritual guide the butterfly. The track is composed in 432 Hz, the vibration of the earth... so this meditation is useful if you want to work at the same vibrations of the earth.

25 minutes of meditation in one track.


The butterfly in many cultures is seen as emblematic symbol of metamorphosis, it brings a powerful transformation in a sense of expansion, growth and elevation.Its main symbolism is personal transformation, but it also represents the soul and its immortality.


Life Lessons From A Butterfly:


Let go of the past.
Trust the future.
Embrace change.
Come out of the cocoon.
Unfurl your wings.
Dare to get off the ground.
Ride the breeze.
Savor the flowers.
Put on your brightest colors.
Let your beauty show.


You will receive this digital download EP soon after the purchase.

The steps are very simple:

- buy the CD

- download the MP3 tracks after the purchase ( you'll receive a link for the download valid for 30 days )

If you want to listen a little preview about the track before to purchase it, follow this link:


It's usefull to have a broadband to download the CD.



No production time
Delivery soon after the purchase ( see the listing for informations )

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