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Kaleidoscope project: chakra balancing music and meditations


MagiCraft Shop is happy to show you our first musical project in collaboration with the musician and composer Brugner Brokk.
The track is composed in 432 Hz, the vibration of the earth... so this meditation is useful if you want to work at the same vibrations of the earth. This project is born to help you to balancing your 7 Chakras through music. 
The title of the CD is Kaleidoscope and it is divided in three tracks, for a beautiful and usefull route through Chakras, it follows the phenomena which occur when light travels from one medium to another:  reflection, refraction and dispersion.


You will receive this digital download EP soon after the purchase.
The steps are very simple:
- buy the CD 
- download the MP3 tracks after the purchase ( you'll receive a link for the download valid for 30 days )

If you want to hear the tracks before to purchase them, follow this link:

It's usefull to have a broadband to download the CD.


The first track is about Reflection:
Reflection represents the reflexive phase of your meditation, in this phase you can look at yourself deeply by being distanced from external abstractions. Be aware that our emotional state is reflected in your surroundings, thus the environment we create is a reflection of our state of mind, your reality is your reflection.


The second track is about Refraction:
"Refraction is the change in direction of propagation of a wave due to a change in its transmission medium." You can use this phenomenon as a metaphor, your intention is the wave, you are the transmission medium, as you change within, you shift and change the direction of propagation of your intentions. If you change nothing, nothing will change.


In physics, dispersion is the separation of a complex wave into its component parts according to a given characteristic, such as frequency or wavelength. For example, it is well known that, when a white light passes through a prism, it separates the light into the seven colours of the rainbow, the reason is the
phenomenon of dispersion.
It is time to release your refraction.
Let it disperse.
Let it free.





No production time
Delivery soon after the purchase ( see the listing for informations )

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Kaleidoscope project: chakra balancing music and meditations

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