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New altar set wicca


This micro altar set is a very small one, the size of the items are between 1 and 3 cm, you can take them in one hand!

You can choose among three different set, please see below for deatils.


The set is composed by:


- Cauldron and pestle
- Measure herbs
- Bowl
- Jar
- Cup
- God and goddess
- Metal athame
- A small wooden table 11x7 cm

- A black sheet

- 10 glass bottles with random herbs

- 2 empy green glass bottles 

- A white tealight


All set is made by hand, it's composed to all items made of wood, with a ancient style thanks to the burned effect. All items are painted with a transparent paint.


To make this item we need approximately two-three weeks after the payment.


We send all the packages with tracking


Feel free to ask additional informations.



United Kingdom: 1-2 weeks + 2-3 days (delivery)
Italy: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
America and Canada: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
EU Europe: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Non-EU Europe: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Rest of World: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 

WARNING: During the holidays (Christmas, Easter and other holidays) the timing and delivery may be longer. 

If you need to receive the item within such a date, please contact us before making the purchase, it's not always possible to ensure a speedy delivery. 

Please do not solicit shipping if you still falls within the shipping time.


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