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Solar eclipse magical tips

As you may be aware of... this June there will be a solar eclipse visible in total from US and partially in Europe... and like any celestial phenomenon, the solar eclipse is going to have some sort of astrological, energetic, magical effect and a witch can't never miss something like this.

In old alchemic text, the eclipse is expressed as the "alchemical wedding", if you think about this, this is the perfect union between the Sun and the Moon.

Magically speaking, since a solar eclipse occurs only during the moon's first phase, this is a perfect time to cleansing and purifying yourself, your home, letting go of what is restricting you and making room for the new. You can truly metamorphosize into the new and improved, reset and set Intentions, nurture yourself and your new Ideas.

During this particular events, some people can feel tired, some others powerful, there is nothing wrong in the first case, we are different from each other and we channel energies differently.

Here some ideas on how to celebrate this occasion:

- meditate ( you surely would like to watch the eclipse and enjoy the event, you can do that, but take at least 5 minutes to meditate during the eclipse )

- make eclipse water ( bring with you a jar with some water inside of it, put it directly under the eclipse and let it charging with the eclipse power, use this water to meditate, visualise, crystal charging )

- write your new intentions on a piece of paper and burn it on a flame of a black and red candle during the eclipse, bring with you the ashes on a necklace or a box

- make a wish

- Do something that feels like it celebrates you and your work through the first part of the cycle

- charge and/or cleanse your crystals under the eclipse

- charge your divination methods such runes or tarots

- set your mind on the right direction

- create a new and personal sigil for your new intentions

I hope you can enjoy this magical event and channel as much energy as possible.

Let me know what you think about this event or if you have special rituals.

Happy eclipse witches

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