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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Today I would like to talk about the triquetra symbol.

One of the many symbols we can find along our path is surely the Triquetra, one of the oldest symbol among others. In Italian, for example, is also called trisciale but you can also find it with the name triple knot.

It's associated with the celtic and norse traditions, in the celtic one the Triquetra was a symbol of the triple goddess, Mother, Maiden and Crone, in the norse tradition is represent the infinite spiritual life wich was considered to have no beginning and no end. We can also find this symbol in other traditions and it is always associated with other meaning, for example triquetra symbolize air, water and earth, for many other is a rune of protection, for others represents the circle of life.

Here some ways to use this magical symbol

You can drawn a triquetra on a necklace to bring with you for protection, or you can make a wall plaque with this symbol to protect your home, office or a sacred place. You can also draw it on a small stone to keep on your desk, for example, so your work will always be protected or, you can give it away as a gift to who you care about.

You can also draw a triquestra on your altar or make a base with this symbol on it, put your magical tools over the symbol and they will be purified.

A spell for you to protect your book of shadows using the power of Triquetra

“Water, air and earth protect this book

from prying eyes and curious looks.

Fill it with the Triquetra ancient power

right in this day, right now”


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