Tea set mug+plate TREE OF LIFE STYLE

This amazing set is composed by a mug ( 10x9 cm ) and a small plate like a pot ( 10-12 cm of diameter ) and if you like tea or make herbal teas by yourself, this is the right set appositely for you.
All the set is totally painted by hand, with porcellain colors and cooked at 160° for 90 minutes. You can wash them by hand or inside dishwasher without problem. 
The set is made with tree of life symbol with branches and leaves and the plate has in added to the "witch" written.

If you want customize the set, please ask before the purchase.

In adding to, you can ask to us to make a set of 2, 4 or more pieces. We can make a discount for you.

For making the item we need about 1-2 weeks after the purchase.

Tracking shipment



United Kingdom: 1-2 weeks + 2-3 days (delivery)
Italy: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Usa and Canada: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 (delivery) 
EU Europe: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Non-EU Europe: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery)
Rest of World: 1-2 weeks + 5-7 (delivery)

WARNING: During the holidays (Christmas, Easter and other holidays) the timing and delivery may be longer. 

If you need to receive the item within such a date, please contact us before making the purchase, it's not always possible to ensure a speedy delivery. 

Please do not solicit shipping if you still falls within the shipping time.

Tea set mug+plate TREE OF LIFE STYLE


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