MEDIUM original Charmed box


This amazing set gives you all the best Charmed items ever, all handmade. 
There are available four different sets... choose between these items:


- ouija board + book ( SET 1 )
- ouija board + book + mug ( SET 2 )
- ouija board + book + pendulum ( SET 3 )
- ouija board + book + mug + pendulum ( SET 4 )


These are the items that you can find in this set:

- Charmed ouija board, the board is totally handmade, made of solid pine wood of pine, planchette included, with letters and triquetra painting by hand, with original dedication on the back. The ouija board is painted with effect to walnut root. Mahogany color.
Size: 30x40 cm 
- charmed book of shadows WITH ORIGINALS PAGES with demons, spells and ritual. The language is english but you can choose even the italian one, please specified the language in the note of the order.

The cover is not LEATHER but it's made with natural materials and colors, ancient style, red triquetra in relief, ivory pages with ancient edges by hand and three bookmarks.
Size: 22x16 cm
- an amethyst pendulum with chain 
- a mug with triquetra and "charmed" written on it, totally painted by hand 


Choose the correct set during the purchase



United Kingdom: 3-4 weeks + 2-3 days (delivery) 
Italy: 3-4 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
America and Canada: 3-4 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
EU Europe: 3-4 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Non-EU Europe: 3-4 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 
Rest of World: 3-4 weeks + 5-7 days (delivery) 

WARNING: During the holidays (Christmas, Easter and other holidays) the timing and delivery may be longer. 

If you need to receive the item within such a date, please contact us before making the purchase, it's not always possible to ensure a speedy delivery. 

Please do not solicit shipping if you still falls within the shipping time.

MEDIUM original Charmed box with Original book, ouija board, pendulum and mug

Which set

    As specified in the Rules of Distance sale, we can not offer refunds or returns for the following items:

    - All custom objects or made to order.

    You can not cancel the order after making the payment, if the realization of the object has already begun.

    Once we start the job or started providing a service, the customer is contractually obliged to honor their part of the contract.

    You can cancel the order within 24 hours after the purchase. 

    After this time is not possible to cancel the order.

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