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Materials we use to make our Books of Shadows

Hello beautiful witches.

With this first post on our blog, we are starting this new adventure that can be helpful to all of you to know us better and see how we make our items... your items. 

On "about us" page of the website, you can find this short article: 

"An important point is that our items are made with natural materials and colors, our business doesn't damage the Nature, EVER. Also our items are totally CRUELTY FREE, we don't use leather or materials coming from animals.

The wood is always retrieved in the nature and if not possible to do it, we always get the wood which comes from forests responsibly managed."

First of all, we DON'T USE animal materials like leather because we actually believe that is not necessary use that kind of materials in order to create an unique and beautiful item... in the past leather was probably the only reliable material to create books, to write on etc, since then, progress has been made, so why do we need to use it? We don't... and we won't, in fact our books are totally made with a particular coating based on paper ( the paper came from FSC - Forest Stewardship Council ), resistant to water and once treated it is like the cloth ( the same coating is used to make wallet, belts, tags and more ), resistant like the leather, n

o more no less. You can use our books for years and they will be the same, maybe a little bit more ancient :)

We use two different kind of covers for our books, both based on paper that with a particular production process become resistant to water, time, scratch etc. so it's no longer simple paper but more than that. 

Talking about colors and paints, we try to use colors and paints based on water ( without chemical substances ), with natural origin like resins and pigments, in this way we don't pollute the environment and your item will be more natural than ever. 

In the end, thanks to these attention from us, you will have a very natural and environmentally friendly item... you will know that this item has been made with love for the Nature, with the utmost attention for the origin of all the materials used.

We hope this article can help you all to understand

how we work and how we make our books and we will be happy to answer to your questions below, leave a comment and see you soon... and if you want see our books of shadows, this is the section of our shop:

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